Benefits Of Technology To Support Teaching And Learning In Schools

Technology is dynamic in its application. It is being used in schools which has made learning a wonderful experience both for the teachers and students. However, this calls for the presence of infrastructure to help in facilitating its use in schools. With the proper infrastructure in place to enable its use and application in schools, numerous benefits arise out of this. Below are some benefits of technology to support teaching and learning in schools.

Availability of more informationklfkldksjkjskjkj

Teachers do teach, but they cannot exhaust all the available information. Students are expected to read widely so that they can expound on what the teacher has outlined. With the use of technology, they can access more books online and even carry out more research besides their course textbooks. The students are no longer confined to the books used for course work. They can also read ahead of the teacher or better still get more information to help them understand things being taught better. This ease of availability of information has led to increased learning opportunities for the children.

Enhanced creativity and innovation

The use of technology in learning has made it possible to access information. This information is necessary to enhance creativity and innovation among the students. Their learning ceases to be theoretical and becomes more practical since they can try out various things since they have the information.

Increased efficiency

When it comes to learning the teacher does not have to be physically present in class. They can have their lessons recorded and present them to the class for further discussions. This has made learning a more enjoyable time, unlike the other days where the teacher had to use different books to give notes to their students. Other processes to do with learning like enrollment into school and monitoring attendance have also become efficient. This is an advantage since the teachers have an ample time to deal with the students’ needs.

Prepares the students for the marketplace

The marketplace revolves around technology. For the students, it is their chance to learn how technology is used while they are still in the class. It gives them exposure to the real business world out there. This works to their advantage since they will leave school having hands-on experience of the business world.

Networking with other students

dshshahjssshThe use of technology in schools has enhanced networking among students from different countries. This has encouraged the exchange of ideas. As a result, the students get exposed to different ideas which enhance their learning experiences and general school experiences. They get to learn new things which help them in their thirst for knowledge.

Technology is good when used in the proper ways in the schools. However, the students use of technology should be regulated especially use of the internet. This will help them be protected from the unnecessary evil that is found on the Internet like cyber bullying, pornography among other things. Its use in school should be restricted to learning only so that they can get more from it.…

Tips To Increasing Computer Battery Life

Tips To Increasing Computer Battery Life

Laptops are expensive; you do not want to buy it today get back to the shop tomorrow. Many people find them useful for data storage and other uses. Data stored in the computer is always safe but accidents happen, and you end up losing everything. As you take care of the machine, the battery is equally important. This article will give you tips on how to increase your laptop’s battery life.

Taking care of your battery

Turn on battery saver mode

All laptops are equipped with a battery economy mode. It puts the computer in low power consumption mode. The hard disk, processer, and memory reduce their performance hence consuming less power. Battery time will be this way increased.

Reduce screen brightness

Just as any other electronic device, lower the screen brightness of your computer. If the battery is about to die, reduce it to the lowest setting. Modern laptops include LED for backlighting hence using less power.

Turn off unused devices

Always turn off Bluetooth and WI-Fi if not in use. They are radio devices and consume large amounts of power. Turn off unused peripherals, USB ports, and all underutilized optical devices.

Low resolution

High resolution draws a lot of battery power. To get more battery life, the resolution must be lowered. This should, however, be in such a way that it does not affect other computer functions.

Turn off keyboards backlight

If you have a computer that features backlighting, switch it off. It will help increase the battery length time. Some laptops, however, do not have that feature.

Close unnecessary processes and apps

Computers are made of hardware and software. It is not only the hardware that consumes power but software as well. Close all programs running in the background. Video players, sound, cloud services and music players can be closed down safely.

Do not let your laptop overheat

Avoid using your computer on your pillow, bed or blanket. Doing so risks damaging the battery and other internal components. Overheating damages and shortens the battery life. Place your laptop on a table, desk or use a lap desk. Debris and dust block fans, air vents and ports of laptops making it hard for heat to escape. Blow out the vents with compressed air to improve and extend the battery life.…

How To Stay Safe Online

How To Stay Safe Online

Identity theft, viruses, scams, loss of digital data and ransomware are becoming more common in the digital age. This calls for more digital security. It is important to keep yourself and family safe online. This article will give you tips on how to keep your devices, files, and identity safe online

Keep your tablet, computer and smartphone clean

  • Keep your devices updated with the latest software. New software’s come with more security updates and enhancements.
  • Your antivirus must always be up to date. New viruses are coming up every day. That is why your security software must be up to date to deal with emerging malware and virus.
  • Scan USB devices. External devices carry viruses from one device to another. To be safe, make sure to scan any external device before opening it on your computer.

Be web savvy when online

  • Be on the watch for risky attachments and files. If you doubt any, delete ASAP. Cyber criminals use Links in SMS, tweets, posts, advertising and emails to compromise your devices. If it is too good to be true or suspicious, block, report as junk or delete.
  • Use trusted websites when shopping online. When shopping or banking online, use security socket layer. It protects your passwords and bank details securely.
  • Beware of phishing. This a way cyber criminals mask legitimate websites with theirs to steal private login details. Never click on requests to verify or save login details unless you asked for it.
  • Public Wi-Fi hotspots. If accessing public networks adjust your devices security levels. It should be able to detect and automatically adjust if accessing new networks. Turn off Wi-Fi from new networks if not using it.

Protecting personal information

  • Use complex passwords. Do not use generic passwords. Use upper and lower case, numbers, symbols to keep your passwords as complex as you can. You could use a password manager if it is difficult to remember.
  • Two-step verification
    This makes it more difficult for anyone to access your online presence. In case a cyber-criminal got your password, they will not be able to access your other accounts and devices.
  • Backup
    Make sure that all your videos, photos, data, digital information, and documents are backed up and stored securely.


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Nagrade za H-alter
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Mala sikjuriti rupica u emuCMS-u
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Pronađen je jedan sigurnosni propust u emuCMS-u. Propust se nalazi u svim verzijama emuCMS-a. Ne radi se o ničem jako opasnom, ali ipak pozivamo sve koji već koriste emuCMS, da u rubrici podrška skinu patch za verziju koju koriste. Patch se sastoji samo od index.php fajla koji treba zamijeniti sa postojećim. Ako ste nešto mijenjali u tom fajlu, javite nam se, pa ćemo vam javiti koje linije koda treba zamijeniti, da bi zakrpali ovu rupu.

Naravno u verzijama koje su trenutno na download-u je ta zakrpa već postavljena, tako da njih možete koristiti bez straha.

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emuSoft s ponosom predstvlja još jedan u nizu sajtova koji se pokreću na emuCMS-u. Ovo je jedan malo drukčiji sajt od dosadašnjih, koje emu pokreće, a radi se o galeriji css/xhtml sajtova. Adresa je

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emuCMS 0.3
Autor: admin [20.12.2006]
Objavljena je verzija 0.3 emuCMS-a….. u njoj treba srediti joše neke stvari, ali dok se to ne desi, možete progledati što novo donosi tako da odete u rubriku download, skinete novi verziju i isprobate ju… I naravno, javite nam što mislite o njoj… sve kritike su dobrodošle.

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