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Mobile Computing

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Mobile Computing

Are you planning to sell your laptop? Or planning to get rid of the old one and get the latest sell? Or maybe one of my friends or family had surprised me with a new one on my birthday. With a new and better laptop, I will have to dispose the old one or give it away. On weighing options, selling it will give me a few coins hence settled on selling it. There are a few things to be done however before selling it.

Things to consider


The first thing to do is look at the condition of the laptop. Is the screen okay? Is it cracked? What about the display? Are all keys intact on the keyboard? Is the charging port working? As a seller look at it as if you wanted to buy it. It should be in a condition that does not require repairs unless the price given allows for repairs. As a buyer you will not want to spend money on a laptop you just bought. If the problem has any problems, please fix them and make it more valuable. Pay an expert for such repairs if you cannot do it on your own. It will not make sense however if repairing the laptop costs you more than you will get on selling.

Donate, recycle or sell

If the laptop is too spoilt for an easy sale, recycling or donating to charity will be the better option. Throwing it away should be at the least of options. However how bad it looks to you, it has value to someone.

Prepare it for sale

The buyer will expect the laptop to reach them in a certain condition. Clean, free from own information, with all accessories like instruction manual and charger. During advertisement provide all its specification and major benefits like extra software and hardware. The laptop must be free from malware and viruses as well.


Considering the market demand of the laptop is important. Is it the latest in the market or outdated? What about its lifecycle? If the brand’s company is about to release a new model, you might not get many interested buyers. Gaming and touch screen laptops are easy to sell. They will be bought at higher prices as well.